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Tuesday October 21st - 6:38pm

The desire to stab someone to death right now is almost overwhelming.

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Tuesday October 21st - 5:24pm

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Tuesday October 21st - 5:22pm

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Monday October 20th - 9:06pm

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Monday October 20th - 9:03pm

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Monday October 20th - 12:08am

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Sunday October 19th - 11:52pm

It’s my birthday in 2 weeks and 2 days… what you getting me? 

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Sunday October 19th - 3:48pm

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Friday October 17th - 10:21pm

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Friday October 17th - 10:18pm

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Friday October 17th - 10:08pm

Anonymous ASKED: I feel bag that you say you're so fat because I'm a little bigger than you but we have similar body types. You are absolutely stunning and you don't need to lose any weight. If you want to, power to ya but you're fat, your gorgeous.

Don’t be stupid, don’t feel bad! I’m not meaning to insult you or anyone but I’m fat, in my head and what I see is fat, so many people go ‘oh no don’t be silly’ but I’m 2 stone heavier than I normally am and I’m kinda content here! So fuck it, I’d rather be a bit fat and happy than miserable and trying constantly to lose weight.

You’re very sweet and I appreciate the message :) x

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Friday October 17th - 10:02pm

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